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Gran Canaria Desktop Summit at ULPGC college

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Tomorrow is the last day we will be celebrating the GCDS at this Auditorium. From wednesday 8 until saturday 11 we will move to the Gran Canaria college. This is a requirement in order to have hacking rooms with current plugs and wires plus more rooms available for small meetings.

To get there, a shuttle has been set. Some buses will departure from Santa Catalina Park (10-15 minutes trip). You will recieve a daily ticket that will allow you to take the regular bus for free during that day (two trips). The information related with this regular bus will be on the wiki (tuesday morning).

1.- Departure time in the morning to get to college is 8:30 y 9:30 at the Santa Catalina bus station.

2.- Departure time in the afternoon to go from college to Santa Catalina Bus Station is from 20:30 to 21:00.