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The Momentum of KDE

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Sebastian Kügler
Akademy, keynote

4 years ago, the KDE community started redesigning and overhauling the KDE development platform. A vision of for the future was created and successively implemented in the form of the pillars of KDE, a set of streamlined and highly integrated libraries to make platform independent, beautiful, usable and highly functional application development possible.

No we've basically reached an important milestone, and we can confidently take a step back, look at the new KDE we've built and take those individual pieces to create The Next Big Thing that drives us forward.

We have collected those pieces of information from many parts of the KDE community in order to be able to understand where those different sub- communities and the KDE platform stand. With this information, we would like to engage the everybody to think about where we want to go with this technology and how we want to shape the Free desktop of the future.

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Sebastian Kügler has been a KDE hacker since 2004. Sebastian has spearheaded KDE's marketing efforts and joined the KDE e.V.'s Board of Directors in 2006. Sebastian is also involved with KDE's release team where he coordinates the promotion and thinks about higher-level development issues. Sebas is currently working in KDE's Plasma team on power management, network management, web and email integration. Sebas is also exploring using Plasma on mobile devices. In his free time, sebas, as he's called on IRC, likes photography, skating and programming, not surprisingly on KDE and Plasma.