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Registration / Travel agency

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In order to register for the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit event, please click on the register option, located on the upper left right hand corner of this page. The first tab of information you have to fill in, relates to personal data. The second and the third tabs are related to accommodation and other services. Most of the activities are not ready to accept enrollments yet. When they are available, you will be able to get into the registration process again and book them.

In order to be able to make the attendees list available for registered people, we need you to allow the conference organization to make some personal data public. The public data will be your name, e-mail address, your company/project/interest and your arrival/departure date. There is a checkbox you should check in order for the data to be included automatically on that list. We recommend that you check the box, as this data can be really useful for other attendees who might want to contact you.


Travel Agency

The 'El Corte Inglés' (ECI) has been selected by the organization as the travel agency to manage accommodation, flight tickets and any additional services during the event that attendees might require. Part of the information from the registration process will be sent to them automatically, subject to the legal protections included in spanish LODP law. Please be as accurate as possible. After a few days, the travel agency will get in contact with you by e-mail.

Payment process

The process to book flights and hotel rooms is:

  • Register for the event.
  • The registration information is automatically sent to ECI.
  • ECI will contact you by e-mail to confirm services and arrange payment.
  • After the payment confirmation, ECI will make the reservation of the accommodation and services chosen.
  • A payment confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.


There are several services you can get ECI to handle during the registration process. Some of them will be announced when they are ready:

  • Flight tickets / group flights
  • Car rental
  • Childcare / kindergarden
  • Tourist outings
  • Cultural activities
  • Parallel programme for partners
  • Sports activities
  • Social events

If you want the travel agency to look for prices for your flight or any service related with this issue, please fill all the information about it so the travel agency can give the most accurate offer available.


For further information, please contact ECI via this e-mail address: comercial_lpa@viajeseci.es