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As the location is a tourist destination, by the beach, there are plenty options for accommodation in the area. Together with the travel agency, the organization has selected a wide variety of hotels and apartments, most of them close to the location area. You can find the distance to that Auditorium on the information page of every hotel. Reservation can be done by yourself or through ECI, the official travel agency. We strongly reccommend you to do it through the travel agency. Please check the Travel Agency page to know more about how to book your hotel room.

If you want to bring your family with you, the travel agency will help you with the reservation, partners activities and childcare services. The prices of these extra services will depend on the demand. Please indicate your requirements during the registration process. Seee the list of family activities offered by the travel agency.

The Fataga Hotel (4 stars) will be the main hotel of the event, since it offers a hall for hacking sessions at night with good internet connection during the event, nice rooms and many services for a reasonable price. All registered conference attendees can use the hacking hall, even if they are staying at an other hotel. Reservation at the same prices can be made for extra nights if you wish.


Check the list of recommended hotels and apartments by the organization.

Prices listed are per room or apartment not per person unless otherwise specified