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Cross Desktop Track, Saturday 4 July 2009

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Cross-Desktop Track, Gran Canaria Desktop Summit
Saturday, 2009-07-04
Lightning Talks
Time Synphonic Hall
15:35-16:30 Open-PC
Frank Karlitschek
Mistelix: A DVD Authoring Application
Jordi Mas
Gothenburg - A project viewer
Clemens Buss
Lua bindings in KDE
Mauro Iazzi
QtScript bindings for Telepathy
Ian Monroe
Quick steps to spread Gnome in your local community
Izabel Cerqueira Valverde
Announcing dynamic file information notification framework
Park "segfault" Joon-Kyu
Common interface bloopers and how to avoid them
Matthew Paul Thomas
DrKonqi: Improving a utility
Alex Spehr
libgdata and web integration
Philip Withnall
Usability Testing for the Rest of Us
Celeste Lyn Paul
16:30-17:00 Break
17:00-18:00 Building a TeX document processor for GNOME
Adam Reviczky
KDE Applications using Nepomuk
Laura Dragan
Joaquim Rocha
Community building and BugSquad
Alex Spehr
Practical Refactoring in GNOME
Robert Ancell
A new perspective for GNOME interface
Vinicius Depizzol
Lessons learned from fitting Arora in KDE, Gnome, OS X, embedded and the different Windows platforms
Benjamin Meyer
Konduit - Visual Workflow Programming with RDF
Laura Dragan
Anjal - mail client for Netbooks & low memory devices
Srinivasa Ragavan
18:00-18:15 Desktop Summit Day Closing

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