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The Gran Canaria Desktop Summit Is Over

The end of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit is here. While there were still many talks by the Spanish GNOME and KDE attendants, most international visitors left on Friday or Saturday. Friday morning a closing ceremony was held and Saturday there was a press conference.

Everybody agrees that the joint conference of GNOME and KDE developers has truly been an historical event. The cooperation has resulted in many new seeds for future technological innovations and we hope there will be more meetings like this in the future. We were glad that also the local KDE and GNOME spanish communities have been very active.

Both the KDE and GNOME communities are very grateful to the local and national authorities, the university and the Alfredo Kraus conference center for the hospitality and the creative and productive atmosphere. We were also very fond of the beautiful surroundings, the beach and the great city of Las Palmas.

You can read more about the results of the conference on the Dot. An impression of the summit can be found there as well.

And of course both Planets (GNOME, KDE) contain many individual records of what has happened.

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit continued

The Desktop Summit is continuing with talks in the Cross Desktop tracks and the start of the Akademy and GUADEC tracks. Between the talks developers can be spotted huddled in groups discussing everything from problems with their code to building community.

Sunday started with cross-desktop talks, but after the start of Akademy and GUADEC there were still KDE and GNOME developers attending talks from the 'other side'. On the KDE side there was a business track and talks about multimedia, community, metadata and infrastructure. Read more in the dot story. KDE handed out the Akademy Awards to valued contributors and held a KDE e.V. meeting on Tuesday. Another interesting piece of news is that the KDE community will surpass the 1 million commits on SVN soon. GNOME introduced two important technologies which will shape the future of GNOME: the GNOME Shell and the GNOME frontend for Zeitgeist. Both received very positive responses. GNOME topics include multimedia, collaboration and the development platform. The GNOME Advisory Board had a meeting yesterday and today there will be a mobile track on the GNOME side, expanding on Hildon and Moblin technologies. Also upcoming on Thursday is the GNOME AGM. Toward the end of the week there will be GUADEC-es talks and a lot of writing code. The KDE community will continue their informal BOF sessions and talks combined with much community building and coding efforts.

Meanwhile a lot of cross-desktop efforts are going on in areas of development such as semantic desktop, search and multimedia. Also organisational and social topics are being discussed, the bugfixing teams have been speaking with each other and there will be a joint GNOME and KDE board meeting today. Another joint meeting will be the Edu day.

On Sunday night Nokia threw a party at Club Sotavento, close to the harbour. It was a well appreciated event with drinks and food provided for free and enjoyed by everyone. The beer helped the mingling of KDE and GNOME contributors, as there were many talking to each other, and towards the end of the night many were spotted dancing. On Monday there were separate parties for both GNOME and KDE, the latter sponsored by Basyskom and the GNOME party sponsored by Igalia. Wednesday Collabora will sponsor a last cross-desktop party. On Thursday KDE and GNOME contributors will be taken on a trip through the island to see a bit of what is outside of Las Palmas.

To follow what is going on here in Gran Canaria, have a look at the GNOME and KDE planets and check the KDE news site.

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit started

Today the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit has started with a series of keynotes. Since 16:00 yesterday registration has been open, and hundreds of community members have received their badge, accompanied by a big green Nokia towel, a Google fitness bottle and a Nokia mini USB stick/mini SD card reader. Furthermore we received coupons for drinks sponsored by Intel. After the registration closed, a Canonical-sponsored party was held.

Next morning at 10 the conference was opened by a group of government and local officials and representatives of KDE and Gnome:

- Fernando Navarro Cardoso Counselor for the government of innovation, Employment and Human Resources for the city of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.

- Jose Regidor Rector for the University of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria

- D. Juan Junquera Temprano Director of the State Department of IT Society and Telecommunication.

- D. Roberto Mereno Díaz Advisor to the government for tourism, technological innovation and international commerce for Gran Canaria.

- Adriaan de Groot, Vice Chairman of KDE e.V. Board

- Behdad Esfahbod, President of the board of directors for Gnome

Each welcomed us and thanked the many participants for the work they have been and will be doing. After these short introductions we moved on to the keynotes by Robert Lefkowitz, Walter Bender, Richard Stallman and Quim Gil.

Robert Lefkowitz drew a wider picture of how software, and especially Free Software fits into our culture. Robert's main point was probably that Free Software is best viewed as literature, with the side effect of it also being able to get work done.

Walter Bender from Sugar Labs spoke about the Sugar children interface and why they started to work on sugar. He spoke about sharing, cooperation and the plans and wishes the Sugar community had for this summit.

Third was Richard Stallman. He spoke about what Free Software is (Software that respect the users freedom and the social solidarity of the user's community). Proprietary software keeps users divided and helpless (they are not allowed to share and they don't have sourcecode so they can't control it).

Richard finally mentions how the spanish government is planning to hand out computers with windows to school children. Even worse, these computers use Digital Restrictions Management for books distributed on these computers. According to Richard this plan is evil. Teaching children that taking away their freedom is good seems like a bad move by the government.

After a break, one more keynote was held by Quim Gil from the Maemo community. He made a very surprising announcement: Qt will replace GTK as the officially supported development platform for Maemo. Nokia wants to offer third party developers a common platform to build upon on both Symbian and Maemo, attracting more contributions and applications.

The conference ended around 15:30 but many community members stayed for some informal talking and hacking.

This is the first day of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit.

This is the first day of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. As the dot article and the many blogs on Planet Gnome and Planet KDE make clear, everyone has been counting the days until now. Yesterday from 16:00 hours onwards people have been registering themselves. Many did stay in the large lobby for a while, catching up with old friends and making new friends. At 9 o clock there was a Canonical-sponsored party for everyone to open the GCDS meeting. The conference starts at 10:00 with Keynotes by Robert Lefkowitz, Walter Bender and Richard Stallman. Keep an eye on this space, both Planet sites and the KDE dot news site for news and impressions of what is going on here!

You can also follow what is happening at twitter and identi.ca: follow
gcds_2009 on twitter and gcds on identi.ca. Furthermore, many
participants can be found on IRC on the Freenode servers in the
channel #gcds.

Keynote Speakers Announced for the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit - the first co-located Akademy and GUADEC conferences

The GNOME Foundation and KDE e.V. are excited to announce the keynotes for the first ever co-located Akademy and GUADEC, the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. The Desktop Summit, a conference for users and developers of desktop and mobile technologies, is expecting 1000 desktop technology developers and users. The conference agenda includes over 100 talks as well as BOFs keynote sessions, lightning talks and many opportunities to meet other developers and begin collaborating between projects.

The Desktop Summit will take place July 3-11, 2009 in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium and the Palacio de Congresos in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The venue has facilities for 1000+ people to attend keynotes and multiple simultaneous tracks with plenty of room for an exhibition area and hacking space.

Free Software is highly valued on the Canary Islands. Hence, the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009 is supported by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the local government, that has provided much logistical and financial support.

Current confirmed keynotes are:
  • Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation
  • Walter Bender, Executive Director, Sugar Labs
  • Robert Lefkowitz (known as "r0ml"), Distinguished Engineer of the ACM
  • Jakub Pavelek, Nokia

For more information about the keynotes: http://www.grancanariadesktopsummit.org/node/239

The keynotes were chosen to inspire conference attendees and to encourage collaboration. Over the past few years, GNOME and KDE have been cooperating in order to make choices and application development easier for end users, distributors and ISVs. An increased amount of technology is shared between the desktop, making cross-desktop application integration easier. By holding their annual developer flagship events in the same location, KDE and GNOME will foster cooperation and discussion between their developer communities. In addition many other desktop technology groups have expressed interest in attending and we expect to have participants from many technology projects that touch on the open source desktop and mobile space.

The Desktop Summit welcomes all users and contributors of Desktop Summit and expects attendees from the GNOME and KDE communities as well as related projects and companies that use desktop technologies.

For more information see www.grancanariadesktopsummit.org.

Registration is free and we look forward to meeting desktop enthusiasts at the conference. You can register at:

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